Any donation, no matter the size, is appreciated and goes to great lengths to help refugees become self-sufficient and live independently in American society.  All donations are tax deductible under federal 501 (c)(3) rules and regulations.

Ways Your Contributions Make A Difference!

Become a Confidence Builder

Your donation can cheer on a family and help them celebrate their hard work.  A family enrolled in the Self-Sufficiency Program can earn monetary rewards for working toward completing their Action Plan goals.  AS IT SHOULD BE calculates the monetary reward and applies it directly to their rent or utility bills each month.  To tangibly see how their hard work is "paying off" fosters pride of ownership in the process, a sense of accomplishment, confidence and self-esteem.  How rewarding to know that your donation can change lives in such an impactful way.  By becoming a Confidence Builder, you encourage their journey toward self-sufficiency and help them progress toward becoming a more confident self-assured member of American Society. 

$80/month supports 1 family*

* A donation of any amount is appreciated.  Donations will be combined to ensure every family is supported.

Bridging The Gap

GAP funds are sometimes necessary to help families bridge the time from the start of their program goals until funding is available from local area agencies.  These funds are used to assist families enrolled in the FSS Program to maintain employment, pay rent, daycare or other critical expenses until regular normal funding sources become available again. 


An example where GAP funds are necessary is the temporary payment of daycare for a parent to go to work or attend ESL.  Parents are not eligible for daycare funds unless they are working or attending ESL at least 20 hours per week. However, they cannot work or attend ESL without daycare.  GAP funds would be used so they can start work/ESL until they receive daycare funds from an area agency.  

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